AMD Rome CPUs Will Compete With Intel Ice Lake-SP Xeon CPUs, AMD To Gain Double Digit Growth In Server Market

AMD Rome CPUs are the second generation of AMD EPYC and we had heard some details about the upcoming CPUs at Computex 2018 and it seems that AMD is very confident regarding the performance of the chips. According to Forrest Norrod, AMD senior vice president and general manager of the Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Business Group:

“Rome was designed to compete favorably with “Ice Lake” Xeons, but it is not going to be competing against that chip. We are incredibly excited, and it is all coming together at one point.”

According to  Scott Aylor, corporate vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Business Unit at AMD:

When we think about the ramp of Epyc, a few things stand out. The first is that a really strong catalyst for adoption is that people now realize what life is like without us. There is the notion that when there is truly a single dominant player in the market, that’s really bad. And so there is a tremendous level of sponsorship and people are really pulling for us.

AMD Rome

Competition is great for consumers and AMD has made that clear loud and clear even though AMD EPYC is not aimed at general consumers. Corporations will be able to get the value proposition that AMD is offering. Scott Aylor further went on to mention the following:

There is also an element of credibility and trust. People really want us back, but some people will wait until the second generation is revealed. So there are some tail winds and some headwinds. In the Opteron timeframe, there were some similarities. We were a PC company, and there were some questions about what we knew about the server business. But the performance of Opteron was fantastic, and we had 64-bit processing and memory addressing and it totally changed the equation of what they could do.”

AMD Rome

Intel spokesperson claimed that Intel will be able to compete with AMD in the CPU market and but we are not sure how that is going to be possible, keeping in mind the issues that Intel is having with the 10nm process as well as other issues like the Spectre and Meltdown bugs. You can read more about that here.

Let us know what you think about AMD Rome CPUs and whether or not you think Intel will be able to keep up with the AMD CPUs.