8 Core 16 Thread Intel Coffee Lake CPU Spotted With 2.6 GHz Base Clock, Could It Be Intel Core i7-8900K?

8 Core/16 thread Intel CPUs have been popping up as 8th gen Intel Coffee Lake refreshes and now another 8-core/16 thread Intel chip has been spotted on the internet which could potentially be Intel Core i7-8900K.

This 8-core/16 thread Intel Coffee lake CPU has popped up over at SiSoftware database which also reveals specs for the alleged Intel Core i7-8900K.

According to the leak, the upcoming 8-core/16 thread Intel Coffee Lake CPU or the alleged Intel Core i7-8900K features a base clock of 2.6 GHz while the boost clock has not been mentioned. This 8 core CPU from Intel also features 16 MB of L3 cache and 2 MB of L2 cache making a total of 18 MB of chase memory.

It is possible that this 8-core/16 thread Intel Coffee Lake CPU will launch alongside the Z390 chipset from Intel which will be supported by all current-gen 300-series CPUs meaning the upcoming Intel Core i7-8900K will be compatible with the existing 300-series motherboards.

Intel Coffee Lake, Intel i7-8900K

AMD Ryzen has forced Intel’s hand with its higher core count, performance and competitive prices to roll out its own 8-core CPUs in the consumer market.

Speaking of the 8-core Coffee Lake refresh, Intel has confirmed that its 22-Core Skylake-X And 8-Core Coffee Lake Refreshes are coming in September 2018. Not only that, the 22-Core Skylake-X CPU will be for LGA 2066 chipset.

Furthermore, Intel has hired Larrabee architect, Tom Forsyth, to work alongside Raja on Intel’s discrete GPU.

Intel Coffee Lake

Tom Forsyth announced through his Twitter account that he will be working on Raja’s group, however, he noted that currently, he has no idea on what project he will be working on.

What do you think of the leaked 8-core/16-thread Intel Coffee Lake CPU? Is too late for Intel to introduce 8 core refreshes? Let us know in the comments.

Source: SiSoftware