Larrabee Architect Tom Forsyth Joins Raja Koduri At Intel To Work On Intel Discrete GPU

Raja Koduri left AMD and joined Intel to work on Intel’s discrete GPU, however, not much has been revealed about the Intel discrete GPU. However, Intel has now hired the Larrabee architect, Tom Forsyth, to work alongside Raja.

For those who don’t know, Larrabee was the first attempt from Intel to work on a GPU and Tom Forsyth was the architect at the time. However, Larrabee is considered a failure by many as it failed to achieve its goal.

Tom Forsyth took to his Twitter account and revealed that he will be working alongside Raja. However, he noted that while he has been hired by Intel to work in Raja’s group but, he currently has no idea on what project he will be working on.

Our guess is that given Tom’s history with GPU architecture and he being part of Raja Koduri’s group, he will be working on the upcoming Intel discrete GPU.

Speaking of Intel discrete GPU, Intel has also hired former AMD Senior Director, Chris Hook who will be “driving the marketing strategy for visual technologies and upcoming discrete graphics products.”

Furthermore, a report has been making rounds on the interet suggesting that the discrete GPU from Intel will be revaled during CES 2019.

According to the report, Intel has completed the first phase of the development of its discrete GPUs and are now preparing for a big reveal and launch of the Intel Discrete GPU.

Furtehrmore, Intel will be making a big announcement later this year which will be followed by the full reveal of Intel discrete GPU in January 2019.

Intel has also reportedly confirmed that the 8 Core Coffee Lake refresh and 22 Core Skylake-X refreshes are coming in September 2018. The 22-core Skylake-X will be based on the LGA 2066 chipset, which is used for high-end desktops.

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