PUBG Event Pass Coming Soon, In Game Content Alongside The Sanhok Map

Just yesterday PUBG Corp. announced the upcoming implementation of the PUBG Event Pass system on PC, following the implementation of a similar system on mobile. This new PUBG Event Pass system will offer a great many opportunities to the players in the game, it shall provide opportunities for in-game content and will launch alongside the much anticipated Savage map aka Sanhok map.

This Battle Pass system is one of the most popular features, used in a great many games like Fortnite and Paladins. That said, each pass is for a limited time, which shall require the players to complete assorted in-game challenges if they wish to level up their pass and unlock more new content.

As you know that, generally some of the basic content is available to all players, but a majority of the content is behind the premium version doors.

The way this, PUBG Event Pass works is quite similar to that of a standard Battle Pass. All the players can complete the daily, weekly and event exclusive challenges and level up their pass. When they have reached a certain level, free DLC will unlock, which shall bring clothing and weapon skins, as well as the premium version of the Event will then unlock faster.

Adding to that, all of the players will have about four weeks in order to complete each event pass, plus they can upgrade from their free version to the premium version, any time they want and unlock any DLC associated with their earned levels.

With all that said, the first PUBG Event Pass is scheduled to begin with the launch of the Sanhok map on June 22, and alongside it, shall also feature map-exclusive challenges.

So are you up ready for the event pass, in order to achieve the desired level in the game? Let us know in the comments below.