Nintendo Switch Piracy Is Not A Good Idea If You Want To Go Online

Nintendo Switch piracy is something that we have seen in the previous weeks or so and while it opens doors to homebrew software and pirated games, much like the Xbox 360 and PS2 it seems that Nintendo has some security measures that can get you in trouble if you are involved in Nintendo Switch piracy, especially if you are planning on going online with your device.

A hacker by the name of SciresM explained why people should not indulge in Nintendo Switch piracy and how people can get into trouble for cracking and hacking games on the console. If you thought “what is the worst that can happen?” it appears that Nintendo, as well as game publishers, can do a lot, including but not limiting to banning you altogether. SciresM was very impressed with the security measures that are incorporated into the Nintendo Switch and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

In the Game Card case, Nintendo can detect whether or not the user connecting has data from a Nintendo-authorized Game Card for the correct title. This solves the 3DS-era issue of Game Card header data being shared between games. Additionally, there’s a fair amount of other, unknown (encrypted) data in a certificate being uploaded — and certificates are also linked to Nintendo Accounts when gold points are redeemed. Sharing of certificates should be fairly detectable, for Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch piracy came into the mainstream when hackers found an exploit in the device and claimed that it was not something that Nintendo could patch unless the company released a refreshed version of the console. But it seems that things are deeper than what meets the eye. SciresM further went on to mention the following:

“In the digital game case, Nintendo actually perfectly prevents online piracy here. Tickets cannot be forged, and Nintendo can verify that the device ID in the ticket matches the device ID for the client cert connecting (banning on a mismatch), as well as that the account ID for the ticket matches the Nintendo Account authorizing to log in. Users who pirate games definitionally cannot have well-signed tickets for their consoles, and thus cannot connect online without getting an immediate ban – this is exactly how I would have implemented authorization for digital games, if I were them.”

Let us know what you think about Nintendo Switch piracy and whether or not you are more inclined to buy original games from the store or digital downloads, now that you have this information.