Next Generation Microsoft Surface Devices: Cheaper $400 Surface, Total Redesign, Dual Screen Variant

While the Microsoft Surface series did not have a smooth start, it has become a stable in the industry. The brand is known for the premium build quality as well as the features that it has to offer like the pen integration. The brand is worth billions of dollars since it first came out. It took a while but the Microsoft Surface brand has made it this far.

It has been a while since the Microsoft Surface series has been refreshed and it seems that the upcoming devices will be a whole series. Code names of the upcoming Microsoft Surface series are Carmel, Libra, and Andromeda. The code name Libra model will be a lower cost model that is expected to cost around $400. This will be an entry-level model. While Surface is known for a premium feel, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft is going to cut corners and turn down the cost.

This device is expected to come with a 10-inch display and USB-C charging port. All that seems to be feasible at $400 but the price point is unusual for a Microsoft Surface device and it will be interesting to see how well Microsoft is going to pull this off.

Andromeda is the other codename Microsoft Surface device that is rumored to be a dual screen device. The device is going to be portable and small enough to fit into your pocket. You will be able to make calls, which means that there will be a sim option and that could also mean that it will be one of the “always connected devices”. This will be coming out before the end of the year. Having that said we should get more information regarding the device through leaks but as of right now this is all that we know.

The next generation Surface Pro model is code-named Carmel. According to leaks, this will be completely redesigned and you can expect to see some drastic changes as compared to the models that we have on the market right now. We do not know about the release date for this product but stay tuned for further information.

Let us know what you think about the Surface series and whether or not you would be interested in getting the upcoming cheaper model.