The Most Surprising Metro Exodus Changes And Features You May Not Know About

Get ready to get back into Russia’s perspective of a post-nuclear war world in Metro Exodus. The last entries reached quite a mark when first-person shooters are concerned, so it’s quite fitting to discuss what this installment can bring to continue the tradition yet revamp some mechanics here and there to keep things excited and thrilling. Below we discussing new Metro Exodus changes that are coming to the Metro video game series.

Metro Exodus Changes

Unlike the previous games where things were more personal and took place in the dark and gloomy tunnels of post-apocalyptic Russia, Exodus shakes things up a bit in its approach. The game is confirmed to be more open-world and sandbox-y than the previous ones with more focus on exploration and free roam.

What this means for the narrative and gameplay is that you spend more time outside, on the surface of the terror itself. Therefore, you can expect the world to be much more expansive and non-linear and for you to spend time outdoors where you are completely vulnerable, yet at the same time, completely free to forge your own path

The open world does not just mean a whole lot of freedom; it also means your actions matter more now than ever. Also, the dynamic weather system and the day/night cycle means the gameplay elements are always shifting into unpredictable and unimaginable ways.

You need to constantly sidetrack from the main missions to recruit a helpful crew and gather valuable resources to survive and continue with your exodus.

Crafting and Customization

Owing to the sandbox nature of the game, players will be able to use workbenches riddled around the map to craft and customize weapons of their choice. This means you can salvage many parts for the equipment you would like to craft and then customize a weapon in the five different areas for their components: stock, barrel, sight, and magazine and gadget attachment/detachment.

These components will change how you aim, handle and use your weapons to the best of their accuracy and precision. Judging which to use for what circumstances in the game, can make all the difference. For e.g. a silencer will significantly reduce the noise output of a weapon so such a component will be ideal for stealthy situations.

Thankfully, you are equipped with a backpack which lets you choose your load-out and customize them on the fly. This portable source of changing weapons and upgrading them comes in really handy for any combat situation.

Remember, however though, you will still need to head to the nearest workbench to craft ammunition for your firearms and clean them from time to time to avoid making them obsolete.

Enemy Types

Making use of its day and night cycle, the game will present you with different types of enemies. For e.g. in the daytime, you can expect more human enemies to approach you for looting your stuff. These bandits are easier to take down and may not pose such a trouble.

At nighttime, you will be able to take care of these bandits much easily when the sight factor comes into play. However, this is the time of the day when the terror comes to the surface. You will encounter all sorts of mutants including humanimals (zombie type creatures), crocodile hybrids, some batshit crazy bats and more.

See what time of the day best suits your given objective. You can head to a safehouse and fast forward time by resting on a bed. This will help you take to the fight by your rules.

The game launches on February 22, 2019, the same day on which DayZ and Anthem will make their way to consoles and PC. I hope that we will have more information regarding Metro Exodus when we approach that date.