Fallout 76 Wishlist – What We’d Like To See, Everything We Want

Fallout 76 is different than all of its predecessors in the fact that it is primarily built around multiplayer. This means that this could be the best Fallout game yet or the worst. The primary purpose of the Fallout 76 Wishlist is to list down all of the things that we expect from the developers over at Bethesda in regards to the game.

Our Fallout 76 Wishlist will state all of the things that we wish to see and all of the things that we do not wish to see when the game is eventually released into the market.

Fallout 76 Wishlist

Fallout has been one of the most revered franchises in recent times due to its focus on its roots and the fact that the game is very well designed in all aspects. Everything from the core mechanics of the game to the storyline is well done.

With the addition of multiplayer, all of these things might be different since the dynamics of a multiplayer game do not compare to a singleplayer one. Let us go ahead and lay out all that we want to see when the game comes out.

What We Want

The first thing that we really want to see is that the game should have a decent singleplayer mode. We know that the primary purpose of the game is to have an engaging multiplayer aspect to the story, but Fallout has always been a singleplayer game at its core and it would be a shame to see this game being a lesser counterpart of the single player campaigns found in previous iterations.

Another thing that we really want to see is the return of the silent protagonist. Fallout games are all about tradition, and throughout the years, we have seen how amazing it is to walk the earth in all of its destruction and battle all of the mutants without hearing your character say a single word. That is something we hope to see again in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76

What we want most of all though, is complete modding freedom. There is a chance that the developers will be holding mods behind a paywall. That is the worst thing that you can do since the primary thing increasing the longevity of the games in the series is the massive amount of mods that you can download.

Of course, there are certain problems such as adult mods being available to everyone but the modding community is a core part of Fallout and to lock them behind the Creation Club would definitely not be a good idea.

What We Don’t Want

One of the first things that came to our mind when the developers stated that this is a survival game with base building, we immediately though of games like DayZ and Battle Royale. That is one thing that we hope not to see in the Fallout world since there are already more than enough games of the sort and there is no need to have a reskin of that in the Fallout world.

Another thing that you think about as soon as you hear the words multiplayer survival are microtransactions. This is another thing that would completely ruin the experience and we hope not to see that in the Fallout world. People should not really be worried about this sort of thing from a game of this scale, but who knows after NBA 2K17 and the new Star Wars: Battlefront.

That is all we have for our Fallout 76 Wishlist. Let us know what you have to add using the comments section below!