Bethesda’s Upcoming Starfield Game Does A Lot Of Unexpected Things

One of the big reveals from the E3 2018 Bethesda conference was the space game Starfield, which Bethesda has apparently been working on for a good while. But even though it’s a Bethesda game, apparently Starfield will be doing things that people won’t expect a company like Bethesda to do.

Bethesda has been known for the last few years as being a studio that has a pattern, doing a Fallout game, an Elder Scrolls game, and then back to Fallout. While the game publishes a lot of well-reviewed games like the rebooted Doom and the new Wolfenstein games, Bethesda itself believed that it was time for a change.

While Todd Howard didn’t have very much to say about the game for the purposes of secrecy, he did say that the game will have a lot of stuff that people can find familiar to Bethesda’s style. However, he also said that there’s a lot of things in it that people wouldn’t expect, but he didn’t really elaborate any more than that.

We didn’t get a very good glimpse of Starfield when it was first announced, as the only stuff we saw in the trailer was a teaser, mainly showing a shot of space before a ship flew in and then warped away. Howard has said that they’ve always wanted to play the sort of game that they’re making, but no one has ever been able to get it right.

Various other space sim games like Star Citizen and No Man’s Sky have both promised wide-open spaces, but both have fallen short in a number of ways. Star Citizen remains in Kickstarter promising bigger and bigger ships that players can buy with higher donations, and No Man’s Sky, despite a heap of promises before release, brutally disappointed many.

Exactly what Starfield entails remains to be seen, especially when we don’t even know anything about the game, but hopefully Bethesda will be able to show gamers that Fallout and Elder Scrolls aren’t the only things that it can do. We don’t know when Starfield will come out, or what platforms it will be on, but hopefully it’ll be good.