New Ark Survival Evolved DLC Extinction Is Coming To The Game Nov. 6

After years and years of being traded on isolated planets filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, players will now be going home to Earth in the newest Ark Survival Evolved DLC, Extinction. The DLC will be coming out on November 6 of this year, with events running up to that day.

The “story” (for what little there is in Ark) of the game is simple: Players have been abducted by aliens and deposited on a random world, with nothing on them but a strange device implanted into their arms. Players then have to build dwellings and equipment and weapons to defend themselves, taming or killing the dinosaurs that roam the world.

This lends the game a rather odd aesthetic, as you can outfit your dinosaurs in futuristic armor or ride them while firing an AK-47. Previous DLC packs, which were released while the game was in early access, have upgraded the game in a variety of ways. However, the new Ark Survival Evolved DLC has apparently upended the game even more.

In addition to players going back to Earth for this DLC, players will have a wide variety of other threats to deal with. Littered with destroyed buildings, players will have to face mutated animals, synthetic creatures, and a new and massive danger, called Titans, who are now the apex predator on the planet.

From what we can see in the DLC’s trailer, Earth is following the same level of beauty that the rest of Ark has, and even its destroyed buildings and devastated landscape look pleasing to the eye. But there’s still a lot of stuff that we haven’t seen yet, so if you’re looking forward to a new place to explore and new secrets to uncover, the Ark Survival Evolved DLC Extinction will be coming out on November 6.