WWE 2K19 May Not Come To Nintendo Switch And We All Know Why

Recently, 2K Games revealed the cover star of their upcoming WWE 2K19 which is none other than the A.J. Styles. There was a lot of information revealed including the release date but something was surprisingly missing and it’s the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

A.J. Styles who’s the current Smackdown champion in WWE is on the cover of the game. A.J. Styles have made a name for himself and is known by everyone who knows anyhow about the wrestling industry.

Supporting platforms for the WWE 2K19 were also revealed which included Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC but sadly Nintendo Switch was missing. The absence of Nintendo Switch doesn’t look like a mistake to us as there could be some reasons for it.

One positive reason is that the game will be announced for Nintendo Switch later this year just as WWE 2K18 did last year which arrived at the end of 2018 after releasing on other platforms.

That’s not the only reason as on the other side it could be due to 2k skipping Nintendo Switch version of the game to prepare for the next year or it could be simply due to the fact that WWE 2k18 had a hard time running on Nintendo Switch as it struggled with a lot of issues.

There were a lot of issues in WWE 2K18 on Switch which includes bugs, huge updates, file size, and glitches. It was hard to enjoy or even play the game as it was that much buggy. So avoiding 2k19 on Switch will be just to avoid another failure.

Other than that, it will be really interesting to see new superstars in the game. We will get to play with Ronda Rousey, E3, Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Drew McIntyre and many more.

WWE 2k19 will release on October 9 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.