Amount Spent On Video Games Declines In 2018, 69% Gamers Watch Gaming Content On YouTube And Other Infographics

A new report shows that amount of money people spend on video games had decreased in 2018 as compared to the previous year and there are multiple reasons behind this trend. 29% of people claim to play free games as well as trials. 28% of people claim that the games that they previously own are enough to keep them engaged. 21% said that there is no new game that they are interested in and 20% of people said that they wait for games to be discounted.

The overall percentage of people that play video games has increased over the past few years and you can check out the

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Other than that the report also shows that 69% of gamers consume gaming-related content on YouTube which is not shocking. I myself watch videos regarding games that I play as well as the ones that I am looking forward to. Mobile gaming has picked up and we can see that in the infographic down below.

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While people have moved on to digital download games, it is interesting to see that 66% of console gamers prefer to buy physical games instead of digital ones. I think that this is because of Steam sales. Consoles have sales too but they are not as regular as Steam sales where you can buy games at a discounted price every day and there are major sales over the weekends and every month or so.

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Talking about the different devices that people game on, it seems that people are using consoles and mobile devices more and using PCs less. That does make sense keeping in mind how aggressively developers are trying to bring their games to mobile and the refresh of consoles that feature better graphics and framerate.

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Time spend on games is constant, for the most part over the last couple of years and while there have been minor fluctuations here and there 11% seems to be the sweet spot. These were some of the trends that were revealed in the report and if you are interested in learning more then you can click here to download the complete report.

Let us know what you think about these Video Games trends and whether or not you found them interesting.