There Will Be More Verticality In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Unlike Dark Souls

As soon as Sekiro Shadows Die Twice got announced at E3 2018, there has been a wave of excitement among fans of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. From Software is mainly recognized from these two games, so fans have been speculating on, what this upcoming game will be like. Well, based on what From Software had to say, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice will have more verticality than we have seen before.

In a recent interview, the developers shed some light on various features of the game. They added that this time, they are taking a different approach to the exploration of the world, fighting sequence and above all players will be able to develop characters over the similar recipe used in Dark Soul series.

According to From Software, players can expect a lot more verticality in Sekiro, compared to the previous RPGs of the studio. They will be able to jump freely, or this time the grappling hook built into the protagonist will give the character a lot of mobility. There is also a strategic possibility of introducing gambling into the game, so we can be sure of one thing, that From Software has intentions to give more freedom to players in the game.

Interestingly the developers added that the characters in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, will continue to evolve over timeĀ and that they are introducing a new system in this game.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure video game in development, that follows a character shinobi named Sekiro, as he seeks revenge on a samurai, who attacked him and kidnapped his lord. You can also check out the recently revealed gameplay trailer, which shall give you more insight on the game. You can expect the game to roll out on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

That said, what are you expecting from, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice? Let us know in the comments below.