To Play Black Ops 4 Long-Term You Need to Pay Double

Activision is making all the wrong choices when it comes to Black Ops 4. The game has been in development 3 years but only managed to add a Battle Royale mode and that too by scrapping single player story. Lazyiness reaks from its extended zombie’s experiences and now, more bad press is coming Black Ops 4’s way.

According to news from E3 2018, Activision is going to sell a season pass through a special edition of Black Ops 4. What’s wrong with this move is not only Activision splitting its player base with a Black Ops Pass, it is choosing to not sell it outside of the special edition. Yes, you can not buy Black Ops 4 season pass separately.

The decision is not sitting well with fans of the series but regardless of what they do, the game is going to sell well. Thus, proving how Call of Duty’s fan base refuses to demand change and stand up for it.

Where EA is offering all content of its Battlefield V for free, Black Ops 4 is using the season pass to force more money out of its player base. There are no signs of Activision retracting its decision but hopefully, the company would consider not splitting its players in search of more money.

If you own the base game and later decide to grab the season pass, you can not do so without buying another copy of the game as part of the special edition. Moreover, plenty of the game’s maps are exclusive to PlayStation 4 so those on PC and Xbox One are duped. You need to the $99.99 edition, the $120 edition, or the over $200 Pro edition for the season pass. So effectively more than double for the game.

What makes matters worse is the fact that most of the content in the game is rehashed and reshaped from the previous Call of Duty Black Ops games. From maps to character, most of the game is recreated using assets from Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, and Black Ops 3. Add the removal of single player mode and Black Ops 4 could be the biggest cash grab scam after NBA 2K18.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is releasing later this year on consoles and PC.