Everything About The Division 2 – Gameplay Changes, New Location, Endgame, Specializations

The Division may not have been a raving success when it was first released onto the market but it was a fine example of how if you keep working at something, you can achieve success. The game managed to have a decent player base quite a bit of time after its release and the sequel aims to progress forward even more than that.

We will be telling you everything about The Division 2 so that you know what to expect as we inch closer to the eventual release of the game. From the gameplay changes to the information about the release, everything will be available in one place for you to completely be up to date with the progress of the game.

Everything About The Division 2

A demo of the game was available to be played throughout the game, and it allowed us to see all of the new things that were present in the game. Let us go ahead and see how the game has evolved and whether or not there is anything in the game for us to be excited about.

The Location

There had been a lot of talk on whether or not the developers over at Ubisoft would change the location of the game or not. Many people seemed to believe that the game would stay in New York and focus on expanding the playable area rather than move to a brand new location. However, it has now been confirmed that The Division 2 will be set in Washington DC .

The new location is probably a good idea, as it will allow the game to have a political angle if the developers so desire since it is the heart of the U.S. Government where the game is set.

Another welcome change (at least for me personally) is the fact that we do not have to look at the god-awful snow at all times during our play through of the game. The radiant sun shines down in the demo and it is definitely amazing to see the streets of Washington in the warm temperatures.

Enemies and Factions

One of the complaints that a lot of people seemed to have about the original game was the fact that people were way too difficult to take down. We could see the humans who we were fighting would continue to absorb bullet after bullet and yet, they would not be affected by any of them.

This has been fixed in The Division 2, as almost all of the weak human enemies seem to behave as they would in real life. When we do come across a boss or another strong enemy of the kind, their armor is clearly visible and breaking their armor has the plates fall off.

The Division 2

Free Content

This seems to be consistent with a lot of games that are coming out of E3. It is quite obvious that a large part of the gaming demographic is starting to become sick of microtransactions plaguing almost every game and developers are starting to move towards the age-old method of releasing free content for the game after its release to keep the players interested.

The Division 2 is no different in this regard and Ubisoft explicitly mentioned it at their E3 2018 showcase that the game will have a year’s worth of free DLC.

They also generously let us see the roadmap for the development of the game. As the post-launch year progresses, we will get to see a lot of new areas being unlocked, new story missions being added and new game modes for the players to try after every 3 months. Isn’t that exciting?

Progression Specialization

This is perhaps one of the biggest and the most significant changes to the game from its predecessor. Once you get to the level cap that exists in the game, you will have access to 3 new trees that you will be able to specialize in.

These 3 skill trees are Demolitionist, Sharpshooter, and Survivalist. Each of these 3 trees will reward you with a signature weapon and will give you unique modification and skills that will make you behave according to that skill.

The Division 2

One of the best parts of all this is the fact that you will not be tied down to one specific skill tree either. You can level all of them up if you are willing to grind hard enough and long enough. Even though you can only use one of them at a single time (obviously), you will still be able to switch between all 3 of the specializations whenever you want to.

Your existing skills will also impact some of those skills so you may be able to change your specialization to adapt to a certain game mode or mission.


Since looting had a significant part to play in The Division, the second iteration has decided to make some minor improvements. They do not impact the items that you loot so much but they make your life a little bit easier. As such, you can expect to see an overhauled UI during your scavenging.

The new looting system is a lot more intuitive and you will easily be able to remove all of the items that you do not want to use rather than go through the long and arduous process that was there in the original game.

You will also have the option to simply put the items into your junk the minute you pick them up. This will be great for when you already have a lot of copies of the same item and do not really want to add weight to your inventory for no reason.

As for the release date, The Division 2 will require players to wait a fair bit for its release. As of right now, Ubisoft has affirmed that the game will be out on March 15 and will be available to play on all 3 of the major platforms. Definitely, a game we cannot wait to play!

That is everything about The Division 2. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!