Nintendo Switch Mods Are A Reality But Only As A Hack Product

It did take some time, but it now starts taking shape. The first Nintendo Switch Mods are in, giving the player the opportunity to retexture and replace in-game models with the use of a plugin program. Skyrim and Super Mario Odyssey have been the first games to have such mods, but if this turns out successful it might become a standard thing for the console in general.

LayeredFS is a plugin program that allows hackers to add Nintendo Switch mods to games with the use of a PC. Thanks to that, a video popped up on Twitter by user Evan, showing the use of a cheat spell that teleports you to every location you want in Skyrim:

This possibly marks the beginning of a whole modding community, that can create a whole bunch of Nintendo Switch mods to make the console’s games even weirder or accessible. A nice touch to what LayeredFS to mods on Nintendo Switch, is shown in another post on Twitter, where a mod changes the appearance of the Powermoon in Super Mario Odyssey to a Shine Sprite from Super Mario Sunshine. Cool, right?

LayeredFS is only working on newer Nintendo firmware, including v5.1 and v4.x. Most Switch users interested in modding/hacking are intentionally on v2.1 and are unable to test these new features.

We still don’t know to what extent the existence of Nintendo Switch mods can reach. Emulators and mods have been a matter of research on the hybrid console for a year now, even if it most times looked impossible. For now, the modder community has revealed a whole list of compatible games including Pokemon Quest, and Rocket League.

We hope that since those mods are relatively harmless to Nintendo as a company, they won’t shut them down immediately with more updates before we see what modders are capable of doing on the console.