What We Expect From NBA Live 19 After 2K Failed With NBA 2K18

NBA is by far the biggest basketball franchise on the entire planet. However, the last game released for it was by 2K Games and it was one of the worst games ever released if user reviews are to say anything about it. This E3, EA have been given an opportunity to take a stab at the franchise with NBA Live 19 and see if they can put forth a game that is better in terms of quality than its predecessor.

As is the case with almost all games shown at E3, the information is scarce and spread about on various different sources. For that reason, we have decided to compile it all and tell you everything about NBA Live 19.


Everything about NBA Live 19

Franchise sports games seem to have a negative stigma attached to them that it’s the same game rehashed each year with updated squads. However, that is quite contrary to the truth and that is what we will be looking at today.

Build your Squad

This is perhaps one of the biggest new features that will be making its way to the game. EA has a reputation of having Ultimate Teams in almost all of their sports games by now.

That is not really a terrible idea since Ultimate Team is their most played mode in FIFA and is adored by fans across the world. Due to that, why not have something similar in their new NBA game, right?

Do not worry though, as Build Your Squad is by no means a copy of the Ultimate Team. In fact, the entire mode works different to UT in almost every way. The only way the two seem to be related is the fact that the core concept of both of them is the same. You try to build the best squad that you possibly can so as to dominate the world.

NBA Live 19
NBA Live 19
Build Your Squad is also a revolutionary concept for the NBA series because it branches out to other parts of the world. NBA is a franchise that only operates within USA so it is interesting to see EA allowing the players to explore other parts of the world to scout for talent and then add them to their squad.

The entire feature set of the mode is not out as of yet but we can be assured that we will be given more than enough talent to groom and shape as we move through the matches.

Travel the World!

As it may be obvious to many players who have played the online modes of EA games previously, a lot of different events and tournaments will be played which will be built around the Squad Mode. People will be able to compete against one another worldwide using their very own personal squad with various different strategies and playbooks to see who the ultimate basketball champion is.

As it will be obvious by now, you will also have the chance to play against all of your friends for bragging rights and hours and hours of endless fun.

NBA Live 19

The One

This is another mode of the game that we are particularly excited for. In this mode, you take a player from being a rookie to being a World Champion. Not only will you be battling across the various different courts of NBA but you will also get to train and slowly progress your player through the deep and rewarding Progression System that is to be offered by the developers.

There will be a brand-new story for your player to go through which seems to be reminiscent of The Journey and this mode will be seamlessly integrated into all of the other modes that the game has to offer. This means that you are the One score will be a particularly good indicator of how good you are at the game.

There will be Icons Ability Paths that you will go on to develop various different aspects of your player and will gain special rewards along the way such as cosmetic items and animations that will give your player a unique identity in the court.

The League and The Streets

The League is a mode where you will slowly work your way up to becoming an agent of an NBA team. You will have to eventually be drafted by one of the NBA teams and then manage all of the other aspects of being a world-famous basketball player such as the sponsors, contracts, and everything else that has an impact on your life.

The Streets is a mode that takes the game of basketball back to its routes as you can take your player and your team to all the different corners of the world and challenge the teams over there.

There will, of course, be different rules as you head to the different areas of the earth and there will be various different rewards that you will be able to pick up along the way. The entire world will be watching you as you try to take it on through the social media so you had better bring your ‘A’ game.

As always, there will be new events revolving around it for you and your friends to compete in and get some rare and exciting rewards. One of the events that was really popular makes a return. LIVESTRIKE will allow you to earn sneakers and threads which are extremely rare and show them off to your opponents when you take them on.

Players will be able to try a free demo of the game on PS4 and the Xbox One on August 24. The full release of the game will be on September 7th. As more and more news of the game is released, we here at SegmentNext will be sure to update you about everything related to the game so keep an eye out to stay up-to-date.

That is everything about NBA Live 19. Let us know if you have nay further information using the comments section below!