Madden NFL 19 Player Ratings Leaked And Someone Got A Perfect 99

EA recently revealed the latest Madden NFL 19 and everyone has been going crazy about it. Summer is coming which means everyone is getting ready for another football season.

The upcoming Madden NFL 19 is said to the best game in the series so far as it aims to improve in all aspects of the game and include a ton of new features.

Like every time, players will be updated in the game but we might have got an earlier look at the player rating updates which comes as a leak so take it with a grain of salt.

The top three players sharing the highest rating of 99 includes Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay Packers, Aaron Donald from Los Angeles Rams and Antonio Brown from Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tom Brady collected the MVP honors in the last season but he managed to receive 97 rating from EA Sports. Clearly, Dallas Cowboys have the best squad in the game according to EA Sports which includes Zach Martin, Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Ezekiel Elliott and linebacker Sean Lee with 90 and above ratings.

This comes as a part of the leak so don’t get disappointed if your favorite player didn’t get what you hoped for.

Other than that, one of the most things to be hyped for Madden NFL 19 is the PC version of the game, yes you heard that right after a long time, it was revealed at EA play that Madden NFL 19 is finally coming to PC after such a long time.

Madden NLF 19 will feature improved graphics which you can take a look at in this trailer. After the success in FIFA franchise, EA Sports is implementing real player motion physics in Madden as well.

You can pre-order Madden NFL 19 right now and by getting Hall of Fame Edition, you can get 3 days early access starting on August 7th. Madden NFL 19 is scheduled to release on August 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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