Epic Games Makes Millions From Fortnite, Doesn’t Pay a Dime to the Creator of “Floss Dance”

It is safe to say Epic Games makes millions from Fornite as it is the most popular Battle Royale game. The title is known for its addictive gameplay and crazy dance moves. One of the most popular dance moves from Fortnite is called the “Floss.”

While it is popular, unfortunately, it requires more coordination than most of the dance moves we know. Many celebrities including Kary Perry, Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things, and many others have tried it, turning it into a trend.

Since the dance move is popular, one must ask “who invented it?” Well, there is a kid known around the internet as the “Back Pack Kid.”

He has become a sensation around the internet for creating, not only the Floss Dance, but other crazy dance moves as well.

One would think the kid making a decent amount of money from his creation used by Epic Games. However, that is not the case.

In a recent interview with TMZ, the
“Back Pack Kid” revealed that Epic Games isn’t paying him a dime after using his dance move.

However, he also stated he isn’t looking for any compensation from Epic Games so he won’t be filing any lawsuit.

While it is admirable that he is happy with just how things are going, it is unethical of Epic Games to not pay him for using his created dance move.

Do you think Epic Games should pay the “Back Pack Kid” for his dance move? Let us know in the comments below.