Death Stranding Actors Feel More Organic Than Creating Chracters According To Kojima

Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding is one of the most ambitious titles to be released in the years to come. Hideo Kojima has chosen a prolific cast of actors to be a part of the game, rather than create new models, giving bonus points of reality to it. Lately, he revealed that the Death Stranding actors are not a way for him to legitimize video games as a medium.

During an interview with The Telegraph, Hideo Kojima expressed his opinion on the use of Death Stranding actors Mads Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus, Lindsay Wagner and Léa Seydoux, saying that he’s not trying to establish video games as a medium like cinema, but rather he enjoys working with those people. He continued by saying:

Back in the day, we didn’t use actors – we created characters from scratch like they did in anime. In my case, I’ve been making games for 32 years and the technology now means I can create whatever I can think of with 100% validity. But that’s not interesting because it has no analog element, it has no organic, living element. For example, if I had Norman here I might say I want him sitting in this chair and he’ll say, no, I think it would be better if I sit over here. And I’ll be, right, let’s see what comes out of it.

I want to get the kind of chemical reaction that comes out of using these actors, to create the game and develop the game together. Working with Norman, working with Mads, working with Lindsay, working with Lea – all of them contribute a lot and have a lot of ideas. Especially Mads – he’s the guy who takes over the whole set at times!

Death Stranding has receiver four trailers for the time being, with the last one from E3 2018 being the first one bearing some gameplay footage. The game doesn’t have a stated release date yet, however, its release window puts it somewhere before the summer of 2020.

Let’s hope it won’t be that long before we get out hands on it. For now, we’ll keep enjoying the theorycrafting on its insane trailer scenes.