What We Know About Control Gameplay, Release Date, Plot, Live Sequences

If a studio which released Alan Wake and Quantum Break tell you that they have a new game in the works due to be out soon, you take note. Remedy’s Control seems to be a concept that is quite unique and has not yet been explored in the gaming world as of such. For that reason, people may have a hard time understanding what the game is about and how it will work.

We have decided to soak in all of the information that is available about Remedy’s Control and put it all in a single place so that our readers can easily be up to date with all that has happened at E3 2018.

Control Gameplay

Let us go ahead and see what the game is about and how does it differ from the previous releases of Remedy Entertainment.

Gameplay Details

The first thing that you need to know about the game is the fact that the gameplay will not be linear like it was in Alan Wake and other games by Remedy Entertainment. The game is supposed to be built around the sandbox model that means that there will be tons of different choices for the player throughout the playthrough.


There seem to be some supernatural forces at work throughout the game and that is primarily what the game is based upon. This means that the entire mechanics of the game and other factors such as gravity or the way a room appears may be able to change by something as simple as the flick of a light switch.

There is not a lot of things that you can do in the demo and the final product is bound to have endless twists and turns throughout the entire story.

Story Details

Ah, the story! The story itself seems to be quite cryptic and not a lot of information is given as to what the entire purpose of the game will be. However, we do know that the game focuses around the protagonist and the Federal Bureau of Control. The protagonist is known as Jesse Faden and she has been named as a director of the organization quite recently.


However, it seems as if Jesse has been trapped inside the headquarters of the FBC. She is supposed to find the Head of Security but there are a lot of obstacles in the way such as most of her co-workers being hostile to her and people floating about everywhere.

The office seems to lack color and there is a constant ‘horror’ vibe to the game, although it would be completely wrong to classify the game as a horror one.

Powers and Abilities

It seems as if there some sort of supernatural force at work throughout Control. The enemies that you come upon have been afflicted with Hiss. All those who have been afflicted with this condition seem to be aggressive and violent towards all others, including Jesse.


That is not all though, as Jesse herself seems to have powers that are out of this world. The reasons for her power have not yet been made clear but we will be told of that in the eventual release of the game (probably). After taking a look at the demo, we can see Jesse lift rubble from the ground and then use it as a shield. After that, she flings the same rubble at the enemies to deal damage.

Rubble is not all that she can lift telekinetically. In fact, she can lift almost everything that there is such as chairs. What is most interesting is the fact that she can also lift herself and use it to traverse around the rooms or around blockages that may exist. This means that there might be some interesting puzzle solving levels that make use of this mechanic.

Location and Setting

The FBC is a very strange but interesting organization. From the get-go, we see that there is a massive contrast between the art style of the building and the influence of the hiss. The building itself is based on the brutalism art movement which uses straight lines and repeated parts to keep the environment very predictable.


Whenever the Hiss spreads, it brings along destruction and chaos with it. Because of that, it will be very easy to see areas which have been infected by the Hiss. To deal with enemies, the Telekinetic Abilities are not enough alone and they are not all that Jesse has at her disposal.

She also has her service weapon that has been issued to her by the FBC. That weapon itself is very strange as it can morph and perform a plethora of different tasks. This means that the FBC itself delves into the Supernatural and that may be how they came into contact with the Hiss.

Live Sequences?

One of the things that people seemed to like was that there were real action scenes in between the levels. That seems to be present in Control as well. It will be interesting to see how they relate this to the story. One approach they could take is that it gives us some nice action scenes to feast upon before we head back into the game.

Another approach would be using it to give us some context about all of the things that are happening. There could also be some videos from the FBC before the advent of the Hiss or they could tell us what the FBC actually does and where it all went wrong.

There does not seem to be any indication of when the game will be released. However, taking a look at the 2017 Financial Statement from Remedy would suggest that the game is expected to be released in 2019. Considering how difficult it is to nail down games in the modern era, we would not be surprised if it is pushed further back though.

That is everything we know about Remedy’s Control gameplay, release date, and trailer. If you have any new information to add, then let us know using the comments section below!