Beyond Good And Evil 2 Beta Will Be Coming Out By The End Of 2019

A Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta will be coming out for players to experience before the end of next year, allowing players to get a sneak peek at the game before its full release. While we don’t have a full release date yet, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced back in E3 2017, and took a lot of players by surprise. Beyond Good and Evil 2’s trailer at E3 2018 gave us another surprise in the fact that apparently not only is Jade back in the story, despite the game supposedly being a prequel, but is also evil.

While Ubisoft is still rather mum on most of the details of the game, we do at least know that players will be able to transition seamlessly between jetpack flight and ground combat, along with being able to partner up with other players to create pirate fleets of your own.

We only know some of the barest hints of what to expect from the story, mainly in the form of evil Jade and the space pirate crew you’re a part of searching for the “gateway to true freedom”, which will allow you to live your life the way you want to.

There’s no telling what the Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta will actually involve, but hopefully it will get players excited for the game despite its online mechanics, which have rubbed a few players the wrong way. We’ll likely, much like other games similar to this, get a mixture of both multiplayer gameplay and story missions.

But for now we’ll just have to wait and see how the game pans out. Once again the Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta will be coming out in 2019, and the actual game will likely be coming out several weeks or months after the beta concludes. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be releasing at some point soon.