Anthem Gameplay to Feature Weekly Resets, Challenges, and Reason to Come Back

Anthem is looking more like Destiny every day and some recent details won’t help it differentiate from Bungie’s game. According to Game Director Johnathon Warner, Anthem developers are looking at adding weekly resets, challenges, and special missions every so often.

The idea behind it is to boost recurring player engagement. With the online multiplayer game, it is crucial to have players engaged for years on end. It is an aspect Destiny 2 failed at due to lack of content, poor design choices, and microtransactions. While EA and BioWare are being very careful about in-game purchases, content is something of a concern for us at the moment, especially, after the recent rumors to the game being in a tough spot in terms of development.

The open world online game is being developed using Frostbite Engine, a tool which isn’t suited for RPG games. Frostbite is known for the creation of shooter games such as Battlefield.

As far as the weekly resets and challenges¬†go, we can expect dungeons, rare loot missions, and other similar activities to Destiny. Anthem’s release date is set for 2019 and the game is already up for preorder.

New Anthem gameplay was featured at E3 2018 which showed a number of aspects.¬†We also got to learn that while this game is an online experience, it is still a BioWare game which means a focus on narrative is a given. However, we haven’t seen anything solid in terms of narrative.

The game is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in February 2019.