AM4 Motherboard Manufacturers To Drop Support For AMD Bristol Ridge CPUs Due To BIOS Limitations

AMD is supporting its AM4 motherboards till 2020 and beyond which is already supported by Bristol Ridge, 1st gen Ryzen and 2nd-gen Ryzen CPUs. However, while AMD intends to support older CPUs like Bristol Ridge but seems like AMD motherboard manufacturers will be dropping support for AMD Bristol Ridge CPUs with their upcoming AM4 motherboards.

This is according to Anandtech, who reports that several AMD AM4 motherboard manufacturers are reporting that they might drop support for AMD Bristol Ridge CPUs with future AM4 motherboards.

Bristol Ridge introduced the AM4 socket and according to AMD, the lifespan for this socket goes till 2020 and beyond.

The reason why AM4 motherboard manufacturers are dropping support for the Bristol Ridge is the BIOS for the motherboard that has to support all of CPUs, which feature support for AM4 socket. The vendors have to include microcode for all the processors in the BIOS in addition to setup interface, and UEFI with its driver and network stack.

Including microcode for all of the processor that supports AM4 socket will increase the BIOS size beyond 128 megabits (16 MB) which will result in BIOS exceeding the capacity of BIOS flash chips which most of the motherboard manufacturers use.

This will result in vendors using BIOS flash chips with more capacity which results in the increased price of the motherboard as the 256 Mb Flash chip cost almost double the price of 128 megabits.

Bristol Ridge hasn’t been as successful as AMD Ryzen or 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs which might be the reason, in addition to increased cost, for AM4 motherboard manufacturers to drop support for AMD Bristol Ridge CPUs.

However, we will not miss support for the Bristol Ridge as there aren’t many PC users out there using it and the support for Bristol Ridge is already irrelevant to a majority of AMD CPU users.

While the vendors can release BIOS version that contains microcode only for the Bristol Ridge CPUs and ignore the rest but, that would introduce complications of its own like increased complexity for qualification.

Speaking of AMD, the company offering to give Threadripper 1950X in exchange for the Intel Core i7-8086K as part of the Threadripper Exchange program.

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Source: Anandtech