Super Smash Bros Ultimate Is A New Game And Not A Port

A lot of discussions have been made about Super Smash Bros Ultimate in the past days over the possibility of it being a port and not an actual new title. Nintendo clears the air, saying that the upcoming brawling title is indeed a brand new game and not a post of another Smash.

We expected that the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a brand new game since gameplay footage seen from E3 2018 indicate that it runs smoothly and differently on Nintendo Switch than with previous consoles. The existence of new moves and abilities as well as the extended roster point to it being a new game, which is something that Treehouse localization manager Nate Bihldorff confirmed too, during a conversation with USGamer:

“It’s a brand new game built from the ground up. As far as it being a ‘sequel,’ I don’t really think of Smash Bros. games as being sequels, they’re just new Smash Bros. games. Everything has been built brand new.”

Regarding the talks about Super Smash Bros Ultimate being a port, Bihldorff reveals that he gets why the new game looks similar to the Wii U one. The big difference between them though, as he points out, is the lighting and the improvements in gameplay. Those small changes are what make the new title stand out from the previous ones.

Wrapping up, Bihldorff expressed his opinion on the competitive scene of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He believes that when the game releases, the players will find out synergies and combos that event the developing team hasn’t found out yet.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is releasing exclusively on Nintendo Switch on December 7th. The new title brings a roster including all previous characters seen in the franchise along with new ones, most of which are remade with new abilities and animations.