18 Minutes Of Metro Exodus Gameplay At E3 2018 Reveal New Features

Metro Exodus is believed to be the most ambitious addition to the Metro franchise bringing a new twist to the story as well as a bunch of new features. For the first time, humanity leaves the Moscow metro to seek life above the earth. This gives room for a whole new level of gameplay for the series, which have been showcased in a new Metro Exodus gameplay demo shown at E3 2018.

As the Metro Exodus gameplay demo reveals, the areas visited in the game are way bigger than the biggest ones seen in Metro Last Light and will require your constant attention. You’ll have to scavenge for supplies and scraps in order to make equipment, but fear not, the narrative aspect of the series is still there. What changes is all the sidetracking among the narrative bits, to fill and make the game more immersive.

The way you approach battles is also changing in Metro Exodus. ThereĀ are different paths to follow during a mission, as with its predecessors, but now ethics play a huge role as well. If you go guns blazing into a fight and start killing then the enemies might realize they’re in danger and surrender. Then it’s up to you to decide what choice you’ll make regarding their fate, one that most of all depends on what kind of person you are.

A cool feature in the game is its Weapon Customization turning pistols into lethal hand cannons and classic rifles into massive sniper ones, in a matter of seconds even in battle. Crafting has also become more efficient and useful since that’s where you’ll create basically anything you might need on your journey to civilization. Weapons that have withered, losing accuracy and stability, need to be maintained and repaired much like you’d have to do in reality.

A feature that we’ve seen in games like Metal Gear Solid V is making an appearance in Metro Exodus too, the dynamic day-night cycle approach. Will you choose to be able to see enemies but be visible as well or move stealthily in the dark but have an enemy pop up in front of you when you least expect it? The choice will be made with the use of a bed, much like what we’ve seen in Fallout.

Metro Exodus hasn’t lost its claustrophobic horror character now that it’s set outside the underground. On the contrary, all those feelings are now magnified with the dynamic use of time and the updated graphics of the new title. From what we’ve seen from the new gameplay footage, this one has even more to offer than its name indicates.

Metro Exodus releases onĀ 22 February 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, since it faces a delay of a few months.