Download Layers of Fear For Free Right Now On Steam And Keep It Forever

How about a new psychological horror game to get you through the hot days of summer? You can now head to Steam and download your own copy of Layers of Fear for Free. For a limited amount of time, Bloober studio gives out the game to everyone to keep.

Layers of Fear has released a few months ago, leaving Early Access to bring a scare to everyone’s PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game itself is a true piece of art when it comes to psychological horror games, with a bunch of exceptional review rates and a lot of really funny content creator reactions.

Heavily influenced by Silent Hills P.T, Layers of Fear managed to define the psychological horror genre with its beautiful story and art, without being too cliche and boring. Bloober studios has the success of this title to praise for their successful return to video game developing, as past releases failed to find their audience.

As we discussed a while ago, you will need to download a Masterpiece patch before jumping in, to experience the game in all its glory. Here are the full patch notes:

  • The number of rooms has increased from about 70 to more than a hundred
  • A lot of the rooms from the Early Access has been redesigned
  • The final chapters of the game have been implemented (duh!)
  • New findable objects have been added, other were redesigned
  • Additional VO, including female voices
  • New music tracks added
  • Achievements and steam cards added
  • Redesigned death animations and added new respawn rooms
  • A lot of fixes to mini-games, door opening mechanics,
  • Performance optimization

If you want Layers of Fear for free then head to Steam and download it. The procedure is as simple as that, do it and the game is yours to keep. Offer ends June 15 at 8 am Pacific Time. You can find the game on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 if you want a couch horror experience. It sure is worth the money.