Will We Be Getting The Other Kingdom Hearts Games On Xbox One?

Ever since it first released in 2002, Kingdom Hearts has been a series that’s exclusive for the Playstation line of consoles. However, with Kingdom Hearts 3 being released for Xbox One alongside Playstation 4, will we be getting the other Kingdom Hearts games on Xbox One before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out on Xbox One?

Various other Square Enix games have recently been making the jump to the Xbox One lately, such as Final Fantasy 15 being released on the Xbox One alongside the Playstation 4, and Kingdom Hearts 3 doing the same thing would be no exception. However, considering the very complex and sometimes confusing story of Kingdom Hearts, not allowing other Kingdom Hearts games on Xbox One could be a problem for many.

However, Tetsuya Nomura has said that at the moment, Xbox players will be stuck with just one Kingdom Hearts games, however he hasn’t ruled out the possibility that Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Those games, which include remastered versions of the first and second Kingdom Hearts, along with Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, would be vital for Xbox One players if they want to know about most of the major events of the series.

Nomura has said that in order to get any of the previous Kingdom Hearts games onto the console they would have to speak to Microsoft, and Square Enix hasn’t started any sort of conversation about that. Considering that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be coming out in January there’s time to release ports to the Xbox One, or otherwise we could get those games after 3 comes out.

Nomura did also bring up the possibility of post-launch content, mainly in the form of accessories that you could put on Sora and the other characters similar to 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage, where players could do the same to Aqua.

Either way, whether we see Kingdom Hearts games on Xbox One in the future remains to be seen, so if you own an Xbox and want to play Kingdom Hearts 3 but are worried about being lost, hopefully Square Enix and Microsoft will be able to release ports for that console.