Radeon RX 680 Will Be Based on AMD Navi Architecture With 8 GB Of GDDR6 Memory

AMD and Nvidia both have been very silent about their next-gen GPUs. AMD is speculated to bring its next-gen GPU based on the Navi architecture and a report has made its way on the internet suggesting that AMD will be bringing Radeon RX 680 based on the AMD Navi architecture.

According to TweakTown, sources of theirs have revealed it to them that the next AMD GPU, Radeon RX 680, will be based on the AMD Navi architecture. Not only that, the next-gen AMD GPU will feature 8 GB of GGDR6 memory.

The report further suggests that the GPU’s performance will be somewhere between GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti. This falls in line with previous AMD Statement that Navi GPUs might not use HBM2 and could work perfectly with GDDR6.

According to AMD, while they have their eyes set on the HBM technology due it being great for “datacentre/workstation type of application” but they are also planning to introduce the GDDR6 memory to the market.

It depends on how we see our roadmap, how we would like to play it out with some of our partners, and the innovations we want to have and what we want to do in the professional space. But we are fully committed to HBM and we’re going to be fully committed to GDDR6, and let the best solution win.

AMD has revealed the roadmap for its upcoming GPU and CPUs. According to the roadmap, the Navi GPUs and 7nm+ Zen CPUs are on track for its scheduled release but didn’t specify the release window.

7nm AMD Vega and AMD Navi

Spaking of the Zen architecture, the upcoming AMD Zen 5 will be based on 3 nm process instead of on 5 nm as GlobalFoundries plans to skip the latter one altogether.

According to CEO of GlobalFoundries Tom Caulfield, he doesn’t think that 5 nm is going to be enough for the company to invest in it and 3 nm process will be required to get “full performance”.

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Source: TweakTown