60 FPS Should Be A Standard For The Next Xbox, Current Console CPU And GPU Balance Is “Out Of Whack”

Consoles usually render games at 30 FPS, a choice made by developers to render games at a higher graphical fidelity. However, with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, devs have started to feature 60 FPS support and according to Phil Spencer, the next Xbox needs to do more in Frame rate area and 60 FPS should be a standard for consoles.

Speaking during GiantBomb live stream, Xbox’s Phil Spencer noted that Microsoft has introduced support for variable FPS but still believe that the next Xbox and consoles, in general, need to do more in FPS area and should go for the 60 FPS as the standard.

He further added that a reason behind the console running games at 30 FPS is because of the CPU and GPU balance in consoles is off and the CPU in the current-gen consoles is a bit weaker compared to the GPU.

We’re pretty open about some of the stuff…If you watch what we’re doing now with the Xbox One consoles right now, we’ve introduced variable refresh rate, we’ve added high frame rate capability. I think frame rate is an area where consoles can do more, just in general.

When you look at the balance between CPU and GPU in today’s consoles, it’s a little bit out of whack relative to what’s on the PC side.

Speaking of Microsoft, during the E3 2018 press conference, Phil Spencer announced its new first-party studio, The Initiative. Not only that, Microsoft revealed that it has acquired Playground Games and Ninja Theory as its first-party studios.

Phil Spencer didn’t go into details regarding its new studio but the way Phil Spencer described it, it seems that the studio is working on a single-player title with a tight focus on the story.

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