Windows 10 April Update Black Screen Issue Fix Now Live, Further Updates Coming In Weeks Ahead

Windows 10 April update introduced a slew of a problem for a lot of its users. While Microsoft is actively working to sort out the issues but it hasn’t been able to eliminate all. The black screen is one of the issues that came with April update and Microsoft has rolled out a cumulative update to fix the black screen issue.

Microsoft has rolled out a cumulative update for Windows 10 and also noted in the changelog that the issue was being caused by optimization application for the OS from third-party devs.

Addresses an issue that caused the system to start up to a black screen. This issue occurs because previous updates to the Spring Creators Update were incompatible with specific versions of PC tune-up utilities after installation.

However, Microsoft has refrained itself from naming the applications that are causing this Black screen issue with Windows 10 April update.

Not only that, the update also brings other fixes such as users who weren’t able to change brightness following Windows 10 April update will now be able to change the screen brightness.

However, there are still issues with Windows 10 that remain unfixed but Microsoft has noted that it will roll out further updates in coming weeks to root out the remaining issues.

Speaking of Windows 10, many users are still reporting issues with Toshiba SSDs despite Microsoft fixing the issues with April update.

Furthermore, there is another Windows 10 bug that causes the systems to crash when a USB drive is inserted and Microsoft has noted that it won’t patch out this issue.

According to security researcher Marius Tivadar, he notified Microsoft of the issues with Windows 10 back in July 2017 which caused the system to crash if it contained a handcrafted NTFS image.

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