Shadow of the Tomb Raider Dev Seems Threatened by The Last of Us 2, Calls it “Fake”

One of the games shown during E3 2018 is Shadow of the Tomb Raider featuring one of the strongest female characters in the gaming industry. However, the throne is under threat now that Ellie is looking as badass as ever in The Last of Us 2. And it seems Shadow of the Tomb Raider devs are actually threatened by her and The Last of Us 2; at least one of them is.

David Anfossi, the studio head of Eidos Montreal, commented on social media soon after The Last of Us 2 gameplay trailer went live at E3. In an exchange with a buddy, he called The Last of Us 2 animations shown at E3 “fake.”

While the tweet has now been deleted, he later offered an explanation on Twitter.

It is interesting how a french speaking person can write this tweet in proper English to explain himself but couldn’t understand the meaning of “fake”? It seems like a face-saving effort at this point.

Still, it isn’t something fans should use to start a witch hunt. So we urge the community to lay off the guy as it could, in fact, be an honest mistake on his part.

But it is a fact that The Last of Us 2 animations looked mind blowing. The entire demo blew us away with is gameplay design, impactful plot, and graphical fidelity.

If any developer out there feels threatened by it and thinks it’s fake, he must ask himself, maybe it is not that The Last of Us 2 gameplay animations were fake but instead, it could be that your own work hasn’t reached this level of craftsmanship.

The Last of Us 2 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in the next two years.