Nioh 2 Character Customization Will Let You Choose Your Own Gender And Race

So just a little while back, we had Sony’s E3 2018 press conference and among so many amazing reveals, we also got a touchdown on Nioh 2 with its own unique trailer. Although we still don’t know much in the form of gameplay but based on what Sony had to say and the trailer itself, we know that Nioh 2 Character Customization will give players a lot of autonomy.

Its developer Team Ninja and publisher Tecmo Koei, both have been awfully silent on this sequel of the game until E3 2018. Now though, with some details revealed we do have something to linger on. In the announcement trailer of the game, we can see a character getting attacked and then being possessed by the Japanese demon Yokai, who you fight in the first game of the sequel.

The developers have confirmed this feature, so you can rest assured that the protagonist of the game will definitely have the power of yokai.

Adding to that, Fumiko Yasuda director of the original Nioh, talking about Nioh 2 said that, what he wants is to create a proper evolution but not too much of a dramatic change for Nioh 2. He also added that even though the first title was well received, still there were a few things that Team Ninja was not able to accomplish during Nioh’s development, which he hopes to take care of this time.

Talking about the Nioh 2 Character Customization, Yasuda said that it is based on player feedback so players can actually have what they have been desiring for this sequel. He said that character customization will let players choose their gender and race. So it definitely suggests that we won’t be playing as Willian from the original Nioh game.

Yasuda also said that there will be “more satisfying deaths for players”, which points to the fact that Nioh 2 will still be a difficult game and won’t be a piece of cake. Which is something that fans are not afraid off, in fact, they die for such stuff.

The success Nioh has had, it should not come off as something strange, that developers do not want to break the tempo of success, they can have with the second sequel.

Having said that, have you seent the Nioh 2 announcement trailer at E3 2018? What are your thoughts about this upcoming game? Let us know in the comments below.