Gears 5 Skiff Is Not Just a Show Piece, Players Will Use it Quite Often

If you have seen the E3 2018 conference, then you would know that among the finest reveals in the Microsoft’s conference was of Gears 5. Although not much was revealed, what seems to have captivated a lot of fans is seeing Kait Diaz using a wind-powered skiff, in order to travel over the frozen lake. The producer of the game said that Gears 5 Skiff feature is something that players will be using quite often in the game.

We saw Kait Diaz using the skiff to travel over the frozen lake, which was way bigger than the normal Gears of War environment. That tells us a lot of other stuff about the game that we might see. That said, the Gears 5 producer Ron Fergusson talking about the Gears 5 Skiff feature, said that this is not some kind of a one time feature but rather it will be used quite often than fans expect it to be used.

He said that the game has major storms and various unique places that the players will get to see and for that reason, this Gears 5 Skiff will come quite handy.

Fergusson said:

“It’s not like… we used to have the tank in Gears 2 and that kind of stuff, it’s not meant to be just driving down a hallway essentially.”

Further talking about, how the skiff will be useful in that open world he said:

“the thing about the skiff is that we’re trying to open up the world and give you more choice of what you can do.”

Further revealing about how and specifically where this skiff will be utilized, Fergusson said that:

“you can take that skiff to go across the desert, you will be able to take that skiff across the tundra, so there’s a lot of places you can go.”

That said, Gears 5 is an Xbox exclusive being developed by The Coalition, scheduled to release sometime next year.