Discrete Intel Graphics Cards Are Officially Coming In 2020

Discrete Intel Graphics Cards have been rumored for a while now and it seems that Intel will be entering into the graphics cards market in 2020. According to Ryan Shrout from PC Perspective, Intel is set to launch new discrete graphics cards in 2020. Intel CEO has also said that Intel will not be releasing graphics cards at CES 2019 and it will take an additional year.

Both Nvidia and AMD are heavily invested in the mid-range graphics card market and that is where Intel is going to start off as well. But it there room in the market for an additional player? The graphics card market is already divided into AMD and Nvidia fans and while a third player will be great for competition, we still have to see what kind of effects this will have on the market.

While we have little information regarding the upcoming Intel graphics cards, we do know that this is not the first graphics card that Intel has produced and while we have not seen gaming graphics cards, Intel does have some experience in this line of work and the company is big enough to deliver a compelling product.

Intel has been dealing in graphics in their chips, the Intel HD integrated graphics have been there for a long time now but that has not dented Nvidia or AMD but that is soon going to change. Intel will be taking on Nvidia and AMD. This can also be bad news for AMD as well, as the Vega graphics cards did not do so well, but all things considered there is still time and AMD has a headstart.

Let us know what you think about Discrete Intel Graphics Cards coming to the market in 2020 and whether or not this is something that you are interested in getting for yourself.