Intel 22-Core Skylake-X And 8-Core Coffee Lake Refreshes Coming In September 2018, Is Intel Going In The Right Direction?

With AMD Ryzen breathing down Intel’s neck, Intel has to come with something to get back into the good graces of the CPU consumers and it seems that Intel is trying to do exactly that. Intel is preparing to roll out 22-core Skylake-X and 8-core Coffee Lake CPUs in September 2018.

The 22-core Skylake-X will be based on the LGA 2066 chipset, which is used for high-end desktops. Not only that, Intel is also ready to launch its 8-Core Coffee Lake CPUs.

During the Computex 2018, Intel confirmed that both the 8 Core Coffee Lake refresh and 22 Core Skylake-X refresh for the LGA 2066 chipset in coming in September 2018.

Currently, consumer level Coffee Lake CPUs feature a maximum of 6 cores which compared to Ryzen CPUs is 2 cores less as AMD Ryzen CPUs feature a maximum of 8 Cores.

However, we think that Intel might be going in the wrong direction by refreshing its LGA 2066 or Skylake-X CPUs with 22 cores. The reason why we believe this is not the right direction to go is that currently, Intel CPUs need improvements other than getting more cores.

The improvements that Intel needs to bring are better thermals, as AMD is kind of leaving them behind in this department. Not only that, Intel also needs to improve its motherboards, needs to price its processors competitively.

Last but not the least, Intel needs to catch up with the latest CPU tech in the market as AMD has rolled out 8 Core Ryzen CPUs for consumer level and not only that Intel is currently using 14 nm process for its CPUs while AMD has announced 7 nm EPYC.

  • Needs to improve motherboards.
  • Better thermals.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Catch up with the latest tech.

Speaking of Intel, the company has embarked on the journey to roll out its own discrete GPUs and reportedly Intel discrete GPUs are coming in 2020.

Intel rolled out its Core i7-8086K with 5 GHz of boost clock earlier this month and overclockers were quick to see how much they can push the processor to its the limits.

Der8aer took it upon himself to test out the limits of this CPU and in the process overclocked the Intel Core i7-8086K to 7.2 GHz across all cores.

Source: PCWatch