Fortnite For Nintendo Switch May Get Released Today At Nintendo Direct E3 2018, Leak Suggests

Fortnite For Nintendo Switch has been the center of attention for months now. With multiple rumors and leaks which seem to suggest Fornite is being ported to Switch, it only feels inevitable. And now, recently an eShop listing has been discovered which seems to suggest the same. So fans are very much confident that we just might be seeing it at Nintendo Direct at E3 2018.

A little while back, there was a hacker who claimed to have discovered a code inside a recent Switch eShop update, then following that we had a Korean Rating Board leak which also implied that perhaps we might see Fortnite For Nintendo Switch at E3 2018. Now with only a few hours left for E3 2018, this new leak which has surfaced only points out towards the inevitable.

With all the previous rumors and leaks, a Twitter user who goes by the name Simon Aarons dug a little deeper and was able to discover that Fortnite has already been uploaded to the digital storefront. He uploaded a screenshot and deducing from the screenshot, it seems like Fortnite will be launching for Switch on June 12th, 2018. Which apparently happens to be the same day, when Nintendo will stream its E3 event.

So it is very much likely, that we just might see this announcement during the steam. Still, at the moment fingers are pretty much crossed, at least for a few hours.

Having said that, we all are aware of the fact that Switch is the ascendent console at the moment, and Fortnite is one of the most successful games out there. The combination of the two will be a massive step for both Nintendo and Epic Games.

Be that as it may, are you expecting this announcement at E3 2018? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.