Gears 5 Story Details, Release Date – The New Locust Queen, Some Theorycrafting

Gears of War 5 or Gears 5, as the trailer calls it, was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 conference and it looks amazing. The trailer even showed actual gameplay footage and we are super-hyped for the game.

Here, we have discussed the Gears 5 Story based on the facts that we could deduce from the 4-minute trailer presented at E3. If you have not seen the trailer as of now, you can check out the action below:

Gears 5 Story Details

With Gears of War 4, Microsoft steered the Gears franchise into a new direction and it turned out to be a decent title.

It introduced a new setting for the game, had new characters with a few old characters making an appearance in the game while it retained the Gears soul underneath the shiny new graphics.

Gears 5 is based on the same setting but it seems that many years have passed after the ending of the previous title as the characters who were young in Gears of War 4 have aged quite well.

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However, the problem still remains the same as their colony or hideout has been attacked by locusts again and they have faced casualties.

The whole colony seems to be evacuating the area under JD’s, Gears 4 lead character, command, however, Kait has been seeing some visions that have her worried and she needs answers by going back to the place that started it all!

She wants to go against her Captain’s orders and Fenix tells her of a place where she might find some answers.

Dual Stories

Del will accompany her in her journey while Fenix and JD seem to be on their own mission. This leads us to the main change in Gears 5 is that for the first time in the history of the franchise, we will be playing as a female lead character Kait.

It might be a possibility that we will be playing two stories side by side where one story is focused on Kait’s and Del’s mission while the second one focuses on Fenix and JD’s story.

Dual Stories running side-by-side is not new for Gears franchise since we had to play as different main characters in Gears of War 3 as well where most of the time Fenix was our main role character but for certain missions we were controlling other characters.

The trailer further shows that the game’s story will take us through a variety of locations such as frozen wastelands, lush jungles, and waterfalls with hills. This is the most diverse set of environments we have ever seen in any Gears game as well.

We see many new and big enemies in the trailer as well which we will have to overcome in order to find some answers.


From the trailer, it might seem that Kait might be turning to the bad side because she has been seeing different visions and she says that she does not feel all right.

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<p>This could potentially mean that she might be the new Queen of the locusts as the necklace she is seen wearing bears the mark of the locusts which was bothering JD as well. JD seems to be aware of the situation as he directs Del to look out for her.</p>
<p>This clearly shows his lack of trust on Kait.</p>
<p>If this is true then this means that Kait is about to turn into a villain and she might be the next leader of Locust.</p>
<p>Her necklace, strange visions and her not feeling well show that something is clearly wrong with her and at the end of the trailer, she even pulls her gun on Del and asks her what did JD say to him to follow here.</p><div id='div-gpt-ad-1525850031141-2' class=

Coalitions’ change of the main character after just one game shows that something big is about to go down and this might be the last time that we will be seeing Kait as we have known her.

We have all seen her combat prowess and even if Locusts have chosen her to be their next leader this could mean that they know of her strengths as well.

The story of the Gears franchise is about to take a massive turn and we have a slight idea where it could be leading us.

If all our hunches are true, then Kait will be the next Locust Queen. The question remains that will she be a threat to humanity if she indeed becomes the Locust Queen.

The last Locust Queen was responsible for all the death and destruction on the planet but if Kait follows the same line as hers, what future will the Gears have.

The Locust have been regaining their strength while the human population still appears to be broken and still collecting themselves from ashes.

This leads to a very interesting storyline and it has certainly gained our attention. We cannot wait for more information to come out about the game.

Microsoft has given a 2019 release date for the game so far. This means that the game is far at this point but we cannot wait for more information to be released about the game.

We were not expecting a new Gears game announcement so Microsoft has totally caught us off guard with the reveal trailer as well as a little bit of gameplay footage.

Let us know in the comments section below about how you feel about the new Gears 5 Story and will you be buying the game when it comes out?