Death Stranding Gameplay Is Exactly What You’d Expect From a Kojima Game… Obscure

Kojima’s latest titled Death Stranding appeared on the E3 2018 showfloor and it was as obscure as one would expect from a Kojima game. We have tried to recap everything we saw and try to make sense of it.

So the gameplay trailer kicks off showing a baby (inside its mother) from a rather graphic angle. The scene then fades to Norman Reedus wandering through desolate landscapes with a huge pack on his back. The scene, once again, cuts to a shower scene followed by some more isolationist wandering gameplay sequence.

He seems to have quite a lot of injuries but that does not prevent him from ripping his toenail off – looks fairly bleak and unforgiving. The next sequence sees him on the Black Beach from the original trailer with quite a lot of handprints appearing in the sand.

A woman dressed in a spiky-rubber suit appears next to him, holding a finger out motioning him to be quiet. After a while, she takes his hand and they look at the landscape together. She tells him to ‘watch himself; those things are never gone for long.’ She then pops up a strange angular umbrella and leaves.

The following scene sees him somewhere else – inside a building. He is talking to someone on a radio and tells him/her that he has an idea. He has a glass vessel with a baby inside, as it lights up. He has some sort of mechanical antenna on his back. He moves outside hunched over with mysterious figures floating around him.

The same figures rise up from the ground and pull him in. The woman who appeared earlier reappears, eats something (looked like a bug with human skin) and says:

“You still do not know who I am, do you?”

Following the dialogue, her clothes change into normal clothes and her short, blonde hair blows in the wind before the trailer ends.

Death Stranding is scheduled to release exclusively on PS4.