The Division 2 Going to Washington D.C, Sign up for Beta Now

The Division 2 is going to Washington D.C to end the Civil War. The game is going to evolve in many ways but details are limited for the time being. But players can get a taste of the game through The Division 2 beta. Sign-ups are now available on the official Xbox website.

The game is releasing March 19, 2019, and is going to be enhanced for Xbox One X. Looking at the trailer, we can see the frame rates and resolution had some issues like micro stuttering and frame rate drops. It is safe to say the game will run at a dynamic 4K resolution.

It has already been confirmed that the end of The Division is going to be the kick-off point for the sequel in terms of gameplay design. They are building on top of what they did with the first game based on community feedback.

Some of the bigger changes include better end game content. According to Ubisoft, they have worked hard to make sure endgame content is better compared to the first game.

Moreover, DLC content for The Division 2 will release faster than the first game. More developers have been added to the team to make sure content is pushed out quicker this time around.

More details about The Division 2 will be shared in the coming months. We hear that the game will have a presence at Gamescom as well as PlayStation Experience later this year but nothing is official for the time being.

The game is now available for pre-order so pick up a copy right now. You can also check out our features wishlist for The Division 2.