Cuphead The Delicious Last Course DLC Brings New Playable Character, Will Arrive In 2019

After the success of the original Cuphead game on Xbox One and PC, Microsoft has announced that the second DLC of the game is going to arrive in 2019 which is called The Delicious Last Course.

This new expansion will also include the third playable character in the game, Ms. Chalice. This expansion will also bring new isle, new bosses, weapons and more sometime in 2019 as the official date has not been announced yet.

Cuphead was originally revealed back in 2015 by Microsoft. Cuphead was a hit when it released and it managed to pass 2 million sales in three months after selling one million in two weeks.

Cuphead is also known for how tough it is due to the puzzles and bosses in the game. Despite the success, the game has a low rate for complete game completion.

Only 7% players completed the original game on Xbox One and we hope this DLC is going to be a little easier than before so we don’t have to rage quit.

Check out the trailer below.