Anthem Pre-Order Guide: Special Editions, Deals, Pre-Order Bonuses And More

Anthem is Bioware’s upcoming shared-world shooter which looks to take the gaming world by storm when it releases in February 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You are probably looking to pre-order Anthem and here we will discuss all the Anthem pre-order bonuses, pricing and Anthem special editions.

Anthem Pre-Order Guide

Anthem will see players taking on the role of freelancers that wear specialized suits called Javelins. The following is all the information you need regarding pre-orders for Anthem from its pricing to all of its special editions.


Currently, there are two editions announced for Anthem:

  • Standard
  • Legion of Dawn Edition.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Like many games, pre-ordering Anthem will give you special bonuses and some are exclusive to Legion of Dawn Edition. Check out the Anthem pre-order bonuses below:

Standard Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

  • VIP demo access
  • Legion of Dawn Ranger Javelin armor
  • In-game Founder’s banner
  • A legendary weapon

Legion of Dawn Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Full Legion of Dawn armor set for all Javelins
  • Standard edition pre-order content.
  • A Ranger Javelin gear attachment
  • Digital soundtrack

Standard Edition Pre-Order

Legion of Dawn Edition Pre-Order

Anthem is an open-world shared-world shooter in development at Bioware and is scheduled to launch on February 22, 2019, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.