Sea Of Solitude Announced For 2019, A Symbol Of Loneliness, Struggle And Hope

Well, EA PLAY show at E3 2018, just concluded and among many details and various titles revealed, is a very unique indie title that seems to have caught our attention. Jo Mei game studio from Berlin will be bestowing upon us, what seems to be a really dark themed, with fragments of hope game, referred to as Sea Of Solitude. You will be navigating the waters of heartache, empathy, loneliness, hope and much more.

This game has a unique underlying concept which no other indie game has had and that’s its connectivity and relatability to our own reality.

Being a human is what its all about in this game, but it won’t be too simple. As you may see in the trailer the game appears to be an art form of our own reality.

The story of the game centers on the essence of loneliness, which has been inspired by the real emotions of the humans. So you can be sure that this game will definitely touch your emotional strings.

When humans turn into monsters as they experience loneliness is what happens to Kay, the main protagonist of the game.

As mentioned before there are fragments of hope as well in the game, in fact, those fragments are what will drive the game ahead. Kay, when turned into a monster, finds her self in an immense ocean. What’s more interesting is the fact that she is not alone, the ocean is full of mysterious creatures, that are just like her.

So what is the aim? well, the players will have to discover various ways and unlock keys to change her back, to her normal self. Finding an emotional balance is the true purpose, that will make Kay return back to her normal self.

Having said that, Sea Of Solitude is an upcoming third-person exploration game From Jo Mei Games scheduled to roll out early 2019.