Origin Access Premier Allows You to Stream Latest Games on PC

There is a new subscription-based streaming service in the works called “Origin Access Premier” that will feature both the latest and legacy releases under a single roof, Electronic Arts (EA) announced during its press conference today.

The publishing giant shared few details out of choice because the platform is not quite ready yet. What is known is that members will gain early and day-one access to a number of upcoming heavy hitters such as Battlefield V, Anthem, FIFA 19, and Madden NFL 19. In addition, members will also be given access to the existing vault that features more than a hundred games from different publishers.

It should be noted that the basic Origin Access only grants early access to new releases, meaning that players still have to purchase them after the trial period is over. What Origin Access Premier does is offer the best of both worlds in a single membership fee.

“Origin Access Premier is a new tier of our PC gaming membership that gets you new games like Battlefield V, FIFA 19, Madden NFL 19, and Anthem before launch,” reads the official blurb. “No trial, no waiting, just play. Plus, dive into over 100 PC titles whenever you want.”

There is no word on the pricing model and if there are any plans to bring the new platform over to consoles on a later date. EA should drop more details in the coming weeks. In the mean time, Origin Access Premier is slated to go live later this summer.