Intel Cascade Lake Advanced, Whiskey Lake U 4+2, Cannonlake, Ice lake Packages Spotted

Intel Cascade Lake Advanced, Whiskey Lake U 4+2, Cannonlake, Ice lake as well as other packages have been Spotted. The Cascade Lake Advanced seems to be the most interesting and while we do not have much information, looking at the 5903 socket, it is safe to assume that the chip will be a monster. You can check out the complete list as follows:

  • CNL-U : BGA1510 (Cannonlake U)
  • CNL-Y : BGA1392 (Cannonlake Y)
  • WHL-U42 : BGA1528 (Whiskey Lake U 4+2)
  • CLX-SP : LGA3647 (Cascade Lake Server/Extreme)
  • CLX-AP : BGA5903 (Cascade Lake Advanced)
  • ICX-D = BGA 2579 (Icelake Xeon D)
  • ICX-SP = LGA 4189 (Icelake Server/Extreme)
  • ICL-Y: BGA 1377 (Icelake Core M)
  • ICL-U: BGA 1526 (Icelake U)
  • ICL YN: BGA 1044
  • ICL UN: BGA 134

While this is speculation, it is possible that breakdown for the 2256 new pins is such that 1256 power/ground pins will be for a second die and 1000 additional pins are for I/O and memory. It is possible that Intel Cascade Lake Advanced will be the answer to AMD EPYC and that Intel will offer 36 and maybe even 56 core MCM.

That should be very interesting indeed. But we did not get any kind of announcement from Intel at Computex 2018 and that might tell us that these chips are not exactly ready for launch. AMD, on the other hand, did update regarding their upcoming range of chips including Threadripper and EPYC. While this might be one way of keeping up with the competition we will still have to wait and see how well the final result is.

The upcoming few months will be very interesting, to say the least, and it seems that the core war is back on track.

Let us know what you think Intel Cascade Lake Advanced really is? Will it be able to give AMD EPYC a tough time in the CPU space or will AMD have the upper hand still? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Reddit