Fans Are Reacting Positively to Battlefield V Multiplayer Trailer, Faith Restored?

Battlefield V reveal trailer brought it plenty of criticism but the story is different at EA PLAY. Battlefield V multiplayer trailer is shared at EA PLAY and the response is very positive.

Over at YouTube. Battlefield V multiplayer trailer currently stands at 51K likes and 5.2K dislikes. Fans are finally looking forward to the next Battlefield. Some of the comments on YouTube mention how bad the reveal trailer was.

To be honest, DICE could have done better with the reveal trailer. It had a very Call of Duty feel to it which was one of the reasons why #NotMyBattlefield trended on social media.

Still, part of the community is skeptical and rightfully so. EA has shown very little of how the game will actually play. Battlefield V gameplay is what players are asking for.

EA PLAY was a snooze fest where hardly any gameplay was shown. And it is not only the case with Battlefield V but same happened with every game expect Anthem.

Anthem was discussed in detail, mainly because rumors claim its demise before release.

There is still more we need to know about Battlefield V to clear community concerns. But fans need to keep one thing in mind, with Battlefield V EA is prioritizing fun over historical accuracy.

EA talked up Battlefield and even confirmed a Battle Royale mode but lack of actual gameplay footage is odd and concering at the same time.

Battlefield V is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The title is available for preorder right now. Order the game game to get early access to the beta. Moreover, the deluxe edition unlocks of January 16 while the base model hits October 19.