All EA Play E3 2018 Announcements, Reveals and Trailers at One Place

The EA PLAY show at E3 2018 Day One just concluded, revealing for almost all major franchises. While the show wasn’t as “grand” as one might want, the EA Play E3 2018 Announcements were exciting enough. A battle royale mode for Battlefield V, a new subscription service and gameplay footage of Anthem are only a few of what the show had in store.

The EA Play E3 2018 Announcements show starts off with a dedicated trailer to the company’s biggest titles coming this year. Battlefield V, FIFA 19 and NBA Live are only some of the titles shown during the EA trailer.

The first game to be showcased on the EA PLAY E3 2018 is Battlefield V. Fans have been impatient to find out about more about the game’s customization and DICE’s take on World War 2 along with some new gameplay.

However, not only did we see a brand new gameplay trailer and got to find out that Battlefield V will indeed feature no paid loot boxes and Premium Pass, but DICE also revealed that there will be new content added every day as a part of Tides of War and, surprisingly, a battle royale mode is indeed coming to Battlefield V. No additional information has been given on the matter, but the company promised more information about it to be revealed soon.

Next up in the EA Play E3 2018 Announcements is FIFA 19, with its first trailer revealing the franchise’s collaboration with Europe Champions League. We can hear Christiano Ronaldo, who will also be featured on the game’s cover, and see some gameplay cinematics to start the hype train.

FIFA 18 also got its fair share of announcements regarding its Mundial update. To be able to experience the game and its new update for yourself, a free trial is now available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Later on, Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts took the stage to introduce a combination of streaming and subscription for the company. As he revealed, a new team is already working on a cloud gaming demo which we’ll be able to see later this year.

Furthermore, he announced Origin Access Premier, which is a subscription service upgrading the existing one. Using this you can play new EA games like Madden NFL 18 on PC, FIFA 19, Battlefield V, Anthem and more. As expected, access to the vault is always granted letting you play both first and third play titles. The service will be available later this summer and a beta version of it will be available starting this weekend.

Adding up to the EA Play E3 2018 Announcements, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is getting a new update set in Clone Wars. New characters, including Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi will be coming along with new modes and levels (including the biggest level of the game so far). In addition, a new hunt mode was announced, with its first objective being to hunt Ewoks.

Moving on to indie games, a big announcement has been made about Unravel, which not only gets a brand new co-op sequel, but it also is ready and available to purchase and play today. A trailer and some gameplay footage of Unravel Two has been shown on stage, showing how much it “grew” after its first title.

Regarding EA Originals, Sea of Solitude (S.O.S) by Jo-Mei studio was also announced. Sea of Solitude seems to be more than just a game, showing a surreal representation of emotional stress, loneliness and depression. A trailer was released for this one too, showing some promising in-game footage. We’ll be looking out for that one.

As every year, the EA Play E3 2018 Announcements also included new titles for the NBA Live and Madden NFL franchises. Both games will release this fall with no huge reveals happening on stage.

The EA Play didn’t leave mobile gaming out of the show. Command and Conquer Rivals has been announced as a mobile RTS title for Android and iOS devices. A trailer and gameplay footage has been shown and a reveal that Android users can already download the pre-alpha version of the game now.

Anthem was the big star of the EA PLAY at E3 2018 Day One. New Engine footage has been shown, followed by a Q&A with Bioware members. A release date for Anthem has been revealed and is set for 22 February 19 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As the team revealed there will be different suits called Javelins for each playstyle reflecting elements like water and earth. What all fans were worried about is microtransactions, to which Bioware stated that cosmetic purchases will be available but not pay-to-win elements and no loot boxes. Here’s the Anthem engine trailer and gameplay footage:

This pretty much sums up all the EA Play E3 2018 Announcements we’ve seen today. Make sure to follow our story linking and learn more about each individual announcement. We’ll move on with tomorrow’s Bethesda and Microsoft shows.