Unravel 2 Introduces A Co-op mode And Is Out Now, Prettier, Friendlier And More Challenging Than Before

After the success of Unravel, Unravel 2 is here which just got announced by EA at their biggest event of the year, EA Play 2018.

Unravel is a puzzle platform game developed by the Swedish company Coldwood Interactive and is published by Electronic Arts. The first game was announced years back in 2015 and it includes a cute creature called Yarny who’s a small anthropomorphic creature made of yarn.

The latest edition of Unravel brings new Yarny to the game which means you don’t have to play this beautiful game alone anymore, instead now you can team up with a friend and play the game in a new local co-op mode.

The game’s story is same as before, Story of a living ball of yarn and its adventures. Coldwood who’s the developer of the game says that Unravel 2 will be different than the first. The sequel is slightly shifting away from puzzler and in the direction of a platformer.

Unravel 2’s Yarnys are more agile and acrobatic than the original game. Yarnys will move faster, jump higher, swing faster and perform timed executions to make it easy for them in story mode’s new tricky sections as well as in puzzle solving.

The Yarnys are playable throughout the entire story. They come in color red and blue but you can change their appearance according to your likeness. You can switch between the two whenever you want in single player or you can jump right along with someone else playing with the drop in and drop-out co-op feature.

The story is long, contains some beautiful and eye-catching moments which you can take a look at below. Besides the addictive story, there will be numerous bonus challenges in Unravel 2. These challenges will be extra difficult tests of your skills after you are done with the main story of the game.

Unravel 2 is out now and available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.