Shadows Die Twice Takes Inspiration From Dark Souls, Tenchu And Kuon

It has been a while since From Software announced Shadows Die Twice, however, we still have no idea what the game is about. But a report has emerged suggesting that Shadows Die Twice takes inspiration from Dark Souls, Tenchu and Kuon.

The report comes from an insider Dusk Golem, who said that the only thing he would say about Shadows Die Twice before it is revealed it that it is a mix of Dark Souls, Tenchu and Kuon.

The only things I’ll say before this game is revealed, which I can say for a fact, is the game has Tenchu, Kuon, and Souls inspiration. Take that as you will. I’ve already said this before so I’ll say it again, but the reveal is super soon.

It is no secret that From Software will be revealing its upcoming game at E3 2018. However, many are speculating that the upcoming title is a sequel to Bloodborne which is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

However, a recent leak suggests that Shadows Die Twice is a multiplatform game which rules out the possibility of it being Bloodborne 2. We will know for sure when the game is revealed at E3 2018.

Not only that, the game is rumored to be less linear compared to Dark Souls titles.

According to the leak, the game will follow the story of a cult that’s using innocent farmers for dark experimentation. As a result, vicious creatures have emerged from the shadows. Most of the cult members have vanished, only a few remain.

In terms of gameplay, is much more similar to that of Dark Souls, however, this time around the game will have a direct story, unlike Dark Souls which features most of its lore in its items and NPC dialogue.

What do you make of Shadows Die Twice being a mix of Dark Souls, Tenchu and Kuon? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Resetera