Onrush Guide – Boost, Rush Special Move, Best Cars, How To Become MVP

In this Onrush Guide, we will guide you on how to play the new racing game Onrush and become the MVP in it. We have detailed different game mechanics as well as game modes below so that you are able to understand the game easily and win in each race. Below you will find each and everything that there is to know about Onrush and how to play it effectively.

Codemasters is not new when it comes to racing games but with Onrush, they have taken a completely new direction away from their traditional racing sim games. Onrush is an action-packed, thrilling racing game, which features a lot of boosting, jumps and takedowns. It features unique vehicles with unique abilities dishing out a completely new experience for us.

Onrush Guide

We have shared some tips and tricks with you about using boost and Rush ability in Onrush. Along with that, we have also detailed the game modes for you below. Learn how to choose the perfect car and take down your enemies with our Onrush Guide.

Boost is your Friend

Boost is a vital mechanic in Onrush. Every vehicle comes equipped with it and you must use it if you want to win. However, even when using the boost, it is vital that you use it effectively otherwise, you will end up wasting boost and precious time. There are different ways by which you can boost in the game.

Since the game features insane jumps and different other stunts, landing huge jumps and other stunts will give you plenty of boosts. Every time you see a ramp on the track, go for it. There are many fodder cars present on the track as well. Hit them and you will earn boost. Near misses also give you boost. Everything that comes in reckless driving, will give you boost.

Some car classes also come with special unique features that affect how the boosting works. The Dynamo car class with drop boost pickups that can be picked up. Some Rush moves also give a boost to nearby allies. On two wheels, you can also perform a number of tricks to increase your boost. Always boost in Onrush if you want to win.

In addition, while on the track, you can hit tombstones that fall down on the track. They will give you a quick boost refill and hitting multiple tombstones will ensure that your boost bar is filled to the max. Always try to hit as many tombstones on the track as possible.

Using Rush Special Move

Another unique mechanic in Onrush is the special move called Rush. Each car class comes with a unique Rush move which is like the ultimate move. You must fill the Rush meter before you can use it. The easiest way to fill this meter is by using the boost. Boosting gives you Rush.

The speed at which you earn Rush can also vary depending on the car class that you have. Some car classes get additional bonuses allowing for faster Rush meter generation. Some special actions also boost Rush generation for certain car classes.

Charger car class earns Rush from near misses while Vortex can also earn it from performing barrel rolls. While the Rush is active, you will also get a speed boost and damage boost but this is also unique to each car class. Outlaw car class can also leech Rush from nearby allies while Titan drops barriers on the road which slows down enemy cars.

Take Down Enemy Cars

This might be familiar to us thanks to the Burnout series but Onrush also features enemy takedowns. If you cannot win by normal rules, you can bend them and take out your enemies by slamming into them. This can be a little bit difficult while you are driving bikes but air takedowns work exceptionally well with bikes.

The easiest way to take out enemies is by hitting them on the side with your front end. This will cause them to spin out or be taken out immediately. You can push them in walls and other track obstacles as well by grinding against them. If you are in the air, try to land on your opponents for a confirmed knockout.

However, if you can take out your enemies then it means that they can take you out as well. They will use the same tactics to take you out during the race so make sure that you try to avoid side slams and being forced to the edge of the tracks. Use countermeasures to turn their attacks against them by using boost or the brake.

Choosing a Car

Each car class is unique in Onrush. This is not just a visual change, every car class handles differently, handles boost different and have different Rush moves. While choosing a car, you must always keep the upcoming events and game modes in mind. The track also plays a vital role in this selection.

Some car classes work exceptionally well on certain tracks and game modes while some will be a big pain to control during certain situations. The Dynamo car class is a good all-rounder class so if you are confused about picking one, you can go to this class but we recommend that you explore each and every car class and track. Only then you will be able to pick the right car for each event every time.

Understanding Game Modes

Onrush comes with a number of different game modes. Each mode is unique and you will have different objectives for winning in each game mode. It is important that you understand all of the game modes so that you can easily win. If you are aware of the requirements of each game mode then you will not be able to win the game.

The game modes in Onrush are Overdrive, Countdown, Lockdown, and Switch. Each mode offers a unique blend of racing and chaos. You will have to understand each mode before you can win in them. We have detailed all game modes with some tips and tricks below so that you can easily win in them.

In Overdrive, you must use Boost to earn points. The more you boost, the more points you earn for your team. At the end of the round, the team with the highest points wins the game. You must keep you boost bar filled up during this race so you can use it plenty. There are different actions that give you boost.

You can use fodder cars and land massive jumps to earn boost easily. Use all this boost to earn points for your team. Do not stop boosting in this mode and you will easily rack up enough points for your team to win. You can use the help of your team members to block the incoming attackers. Keep the attackers at bay and you will be able to boost as much as you like.

A countdown is an event in which passing through gates extends your time. The timer plays a vital role in this mode. If the timer hits zero, you will die. Keep the timer up to stay in the game. Pass as many games as you can to keep adding more time allowing you to stay in the race. Take out enemies so that their timer runs out and they are out of the race.

One of the best ways to win in the countdown is that you make sure that your enemies do not pass through the gates. Use your Rush moves, tackle them, grind them and hit side-slam to push them out of the gates. This will ensure that they run out of time and fail the race.

Lockdown is yet another unique mode. In this mode, a moving circular zone is present on the map. Each team must stay in this circle to win the race. The time limit is five seconds and the first team to get the most cars inside this circle for five seconds will win the game. These moving circular zones keep changing so keep your eyes peeled for the next one that spawns ahead.

The switch is the most action-packed game mode because it is truly a survival battle. Each player gets three lives in the game and each time a player dies, they will respawn with a different car class. The switch between car classes is huge so if you are on a bike, you might end up with a car next.

You must survive as long as possible avoiding the opposition and taking every opportunity to knock them out of the game. Patience is key here and once you move to the heavy cars, never try to be extra-smart. You might end up crashing while taking out a puny biker. Always watch out for walls and other obstacles on the track as you have a limited number of lives in this mode.

Becoming the MVP

The best player of each match is deemed as the MVP in the results screen. MVP is chosen on the basis of different stats. These include the in-game points, team support, and enemy takedowns. To become the MVP, you must come on top of these three stats in each match.

Earn as many in-game points as you can by fulfilling the game mode objectives, help your team as much as possible and take down as many enemies as you can and you will easily become the MVP for that match.

This concludes our Onrush Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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